Kompakt Yüklemeli Çubuk Sürücü

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Proven concept – Easy operation

  • All types of CNC lathes can be interfaced.
  • Material magazine included.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Simple operation and functionality friendly to less qualified operators.
  • Remnant ejection by new bar.
  • Fast setup for new jobs.
  • Absolute encoders for Z axis servo feedback.

Modern mechanical and electrical design – Reliability

  • Small footprint on shop floor.
  • 100% electric – no compressed air necessary.
  • Yaskawa servo.
  • Automatic setup for new job.
  • 200 jobs stored in memory for repeated execution.
  • Feeding to position or hard stop.
  • Exchange of most spindle linings without moving the barfeeder.
  • Option:
    • retract mechanism for easy access to lathe headstock.
    • remote control over smartphone, tablet or PC
    • remote problem diagnostics

Teknik Özellikler

Model SS2500
Bar diameter – circular cross section 6 – 80 mm
Processing of non- circular bars:
Bar dimension – hexagon 8 – 68 mm
Bar dimension – square 8 – 55 mm
Bar of different profile and form YES
Bar magazine capacity. Max. mass of bar 60kg 106 bars 6 mm up to 6 bars 80 mm
(max. capacity of loading table 250kg)
Pushers 6; 10; 18 mm
Travel of the pusher 1660 mm
Maximum bar length
(Usable bar length is determined by the lenght of the lathe headstock)
1525 mm
Power supply 200/230/400 VAC
Adjustment time for a different bar diameter max 1 min
Axis height of the bar 825 – 1175 mm
Option – extended stanchions 990 – 1340 mm
Feeding to a stop and/or position YES
Dual spindle support YES
CE certified YES


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